Hive Plasma High Speed Lighting

Hive lights have done away with traditional filament bulbs and use Plasma bulbs instead. The result is a HMI style full spectrum daylight source that provides flicker free lighting up to 225 million fps. Yes that is right – 225 million fps – it is not a typo.

Traditionally when you think of HMI Par lights you’re looking at a three phase power source with a distribution box or a heavy duty generator. The Hive Plasma lights do away with this. A single Killer Plasma Maxi light can produce the same amount of light you would see from a traditional 1.2k HMI but the lamp only draws 540 watts. When combined with another Maxi the overall light produced is equivalent to a 2.5k HMI but the total combined draw is around 1000 watts.

There is also very little heat produced by the lights compared with a traditional filament bulb. We were able to comfortably handle the lenses even after over an hour of continuous operation. This makes the Hive Plasma lighting ideal for working with food, talent or any situation where temperature is an issue, in confined spaces, near sprinkler systems, high speed cinematography, just about anywhere really. They are also DMX controllable and compatible with any existing daylight lighting set up.

And if all of this isn’t enough, the Wasp Par (equivalent to 400wHMI) can also run off battery power. At under 280w it will operate at voltages from 18-38V DC freeing you up to go anywhere simply with block batteries.
Have a look at this video featuring Hive lights used on location with minimal power supply.

Needless to say we were extremely impressed by the Hive lights and are excited to announce that The Visionhouse has finally received two Killer Maxis as well as the smaller Wasp Par.

Please contact us and come over to have a look.