Making of Mad Max: Fury Road with John Seale ACS ASC & David Burr ACS

Just a very quick post but for those that missed it.

Several weeks ago the Australian Cinematographers Society presented a talk delivered by John Seale ACSASC and David Burr ACS at The Backlot Studios in Melbourne about the behind the scenes process and making of Mad Max Fury Road.

Both John Seale and David Burr delivered a riveting talk with Q&As scattered through out. Their insights as to how the film was shot and the thought process behind equipemt choices makes this a very important case study for anyone embarking on their own projects or those even remotely interested in the process of making a modern feature film.

The Vision House would like to extend our thanks to John Seale, David Burr and the ACS for making the talk possible and available online for those that missed it.