• Artemis MX30

    The Artemis MX30 is a 3-axis electronically stabilised gimbal.

    What sets the Artemis MX30 apart from other gimbals on the market is the motors can be tuned to take a camera payload up to 30kg. This allows a whole range of cameras and lens setups that traditionally gimbal system wouldn't allow.

    Through high torque motors it is now possible to work with a wide range of lenses from heavy prime lenses, zooms and anamorphic glass.

    Control of the head can be set to passive mode or full control can be enabled either via a joystick or wheel setup.

    Camera, accessories and frame power is all maintained by a single V-Lock battery that sits on top of the frame.

    Due to the ability of heavier setups, the Artemis MX30 is often used with the new EasyRig Vario Strong system taking pressure off the operators arms and allowing longer flight time in the shot.

    Additionally, the Artemis MX30 can be paired up with the FlowCine Black Arm allowing tracking shots to be done without a traditional dedicated tracking vehicle.


    - Artemis MX30 Gimbal System
    - Euro Mount Fitting
    - Spider Mount Fitting
    - Joystick Control Unit
    - PLC Veracity Control Wheels - Pan, Tilt & Roll
    - Control Tablet
    - Camera Power Interface Cables (XT/SXT, Amira/Mini & RED)

  • FlowCine Black Arm

    The FlowCine Black Arm is a 3-axis dampening system with a additional vibration mount for stabilsing roll and tilt errors as well as vertical motion and vibrations.

    The FlowCine Black Arm is designed for a range of gimbals ranging from DJI Ronin, Movi (all models) all the way up to the Artemis MX30.

    Through adjustable springs and dampening shocks, the FlowCine Black Arm can be tuned to eliminate vibrations that would normally overload a gimbal system when hard mounted to a vehicle.


    - FlowCine Black Arm
    - Multiple Spring Configurations for tuning payload (payload can be tuned from 5kg - 32kg)
    - Scaff Mounting Points