ARRI Signature 45-135mm Zoom - Full Frame

The ARRI Signature Zoom range has been developed to compliment ARRI’s Signature Prime range using the new LPL mount system.

With a consistent T2.8 and no ramping the ARRI Signature 45-135mm Zoom has been designed for use with full frame, large format sensors but it can also cover Super 35 when used with a LPL body mount convertor.

Like the ARRI Signature Primes, the ARRI Signature 45-135mm Zoom gently softens the large-format look, and produces pleasant, natural skin tones. Focus falls off smoothly, highlighting your subject against its background frame.

Coupled with the magnesium housing and aluminium gear rings, the zoom is pleasingly light to hold.

All of the ARRI Signature Prime and ARRI Signature Zoom range come installed with a detachable ARRI Magnetic Rear Filter Holder that opens up all kinds of customised looks, without having to disassemble the lens.

The filter holder accommodates a wide variety of materials, allowing filmmakers to experiment as much as they want. Glass elements can be used to simulate vintage lenses, or anything from fishing line to stockings and vintage fabrics can be tried—each of them affecting bokeh, flaring, and diffusion in different ways.

Technical Specifications
Focal length 45-135mm
Aperture range T2.8-22
Min. Marked Object Distance 3'4"
Front diameter 114mm
Length 300mm
Weight 3.64kg
Coverage 44.7mm
Mount LPL
Focal length Aperture range Min. Marked Object Distance Front diameter Length Weight Coverage Mount
45-135mm T2.8-22 3'4" 114mm 300mm 3.64kg 44.7mm LPL