CANON CINE 50-1000MM T5.0-8.9

The Canon CINE 50-1000mm T5.0-8.9 (also known as the Canon 20×50) has been designed for use on cinema cameras with Super 35 sized sensors and is capable of covering 4K with a 31.4 image circle.

The lens can be equipped with a detachable drive unit that houses servo motors and a zoom rocker or it can be paired with traditional Focus Iris Zoom units such as the WCU-4 and Cmotion Panbar Zoom Unit. The servo can receive power directly from the camera via the PL lens data pins found on most digital cameras. The pins also allow the lens and the camera to communicate via Cooke/i Lens Data protocols meaning lens metadata can be recorded on the camera.

With a 1.5x extender built into the lens, the range can extend up to 1500mm coverage.

The 11 blade aperture design allows the lens to maintain a constant T5.0 up 560mm (without the extender) then stopping down to T8.9 up to 1000mm. With the 1.5x extender in place 75-840mm is covered at T7.5 while the longer end (1500mm) stops down to T13.35.

Technical Specifications
Focal length 50-1000mm
Aperture range T5.0-8.9
Min. Marked Object Distance 11'6"
Front diameter 136mm
Length 405mm
Weight 6.6kg
Coverage 31.4mm
Mount PL
Focal length Aperture range Min. Marked Object Distance Front diameter Length Weight Coverage Mount
50-1000mm T5.0-8.9 11'6" 136mm 405mm 6.6kg 31.4mm PL
Optional Accessories
Arri MkIV (FF-4) Follow Focus
CE Cinetape
Arri WCU-4 Kit
Cmotion Panbar Zoom Unit