The LAOWA 12mm Zero-D Cine lens is currently the widest T2.9 lens that can cover sensor up to both full frame and vista vision.

With the ability of extreme close focus  – 4” from front element – no diopter will be needed. Wide angle lenses usually create a ‘flat’ image with very deep depth of field but with this close focusing ability and a fast stop, the LAOWA 12mm is able to create some unique wide (122 degrees angle of view) and shallow deep of field look with a pleasing bokeh.

Designed with standard 0.8 pitch gears on both aperture and focusing rings for easy installation of follow-focus system. An extended 270° smooth focus throw is designed for accurate focus pulling.

Technical Specifications
Lens 12mm
Aperture T2.9-22
Min. Marked Object Distance 7"
Length 87mm
Front Diameter 114mm Step Up Ring Provided
Weight 0.67kg
Image Circle FF
Mount PL
Lens Aperture Min. Marked Object Distance Length Front Diameter Weight Image Circle Mount
12mm T2.9-22 7" 87mm 114mm Step Up Ring Provided 0.67kg FF PL