The P+S Skater Scope is the first truly compact periscope and borescope lens system in one. It can be used as a straight version (borescope) and as a bent version (periscope) with any desired angle.

The Skater Scope has a movable tilt module from -105° to +105° allowing the lens to be placed at the appropriate angle for the shot.

Within the housing of the Skater Scope is an image rotation section that results in unlimited 360° image rotation via a 0.8 pitch gear.

One of the biggest advantages the Skater Scope has over other systems is the ability to use a wide range of PL lenses. It opens up the use of numerous lenses and the user is not restricted by a specific look*.

At the rear of the Skater Scope is a Macro adjustment section allowing a marco setup, no matter what the taking lens is on the front of the unit.

*On booking, please advise what PL lenses will be used with Skater Scope so our team can advise the best options*

Technical Specifications
P+S Technik Skater Scope
Lens P+S Technik Skater Scope
Aperture T5.6
Min. Marked Object Distance n/a
Length From PL to PL in straight (borescope) mode - 311.8mm
Front Diameter n/a
Weight 3.3kg
Image Circle S35
Mount PL
Lens Aperture Min. Marked Object Distance Length Front Diameter Weight Image Circle Mount
P+S Technik Skater Scope T5.6 n/a From PL to PL in straight (borescope) mode - 311.8mm n/a 3.3kg S35 PL