True Lens Services rehoused Canon FDs offer full frame vintage coverage in a robust modern housing.

The Canon FD 15mm T3 Fisheye is a very unique lens in the FD range.

Unlike the Canon FD 14mm the Canon FD 15mm is a true Fisheye lens that covers full frame allowing for a very unique field of view that is rarely seen outside of specialised setups.

As the base glass of the Canon FD 15mm Fisheye is a true FD, it cuts in perfectly with the Canon FD range on offer at The Vision House.

True Lens Services have developed a cam driven focus system alongside the chassis style lens. The benefit of zero backlash and image shift give accurate dual focus scales that repeat on direction and change with the cam drive system, giving wide spread and even markings throughout the distance scale.

The rehousing also replaced the original 8-blade iris found in the Canon FDs with a 16-blade iris that replicates those in the Canon K35 lenses.

Technical Specifications
15mm Fisheye
Lens 15mm Fisheye
Aperture T3-16
Min. Marked Object Distance 8"
Length 60mm
Front Diameter 110mm
Weight 0.95kg
Image Circle LF
Mount PL
Lens Aperture Min. Marked Object Distance Length Front Diameter Weight Image Circle Mount
15mm Fisheye T3-16 8" 60mm 110mm 0.95kg LF PL