True Lens Services rehoused Canon FD-X Super Speeds offer full frame fast vintage coverage in a robust modern housing with a lens range that calls back to the classic Canon K35 look.

The Canon FD-X range is a small fast selection of Canon FD and Canon FD like lenses that have been selected to cut in with our Canon K35 MkIII set both in focal length and speed.

True Lens Services have developed a cam driven focus system alongside the chassis style lens housing that allow matte boxes and other accessories to be attached to the front of the Canon FD-X lenses, without affecting focus movements. The benefit of zero backlash and image shift give accurate dual focus scales that repeat on direction and change with the cam drive system, giving wide spread and even markings throughout the distance scale.

The rehousing also replaced the original 8-blade iris found in the Canon FD-X with a 16-blade iris that replicates those in the Canon K35 lenses.

With the kit comprising of 18mm T1.6, 24mm T1.5, 35mm T1.5, 50mm T1.3 & 85mm T1.3 the speed range closely aligns to our Canon K35 MkIII set.

The X in the FD-X refers to FD-Xtended as TLS has developed a custom 18mm T1.6 & 35mm T1.5 FD-X that did not exist in the Canon FD range.

The base glass of the 18mm is the Canon FD 24mm T1.5 and as a result the 18mm FD-X covers ARRI LF Open Gate.

The 35mm FD-X is a Minolta base glass that has been specifically selected to integrate with the FD range allowing for a more consistent speed in the Canon FD-X Super Speed kit while maintaining a consistent FD look.

Kits Sets Includes
TLS Canon FD-X Super Speeds Full Frame 18mm-85mm 5 18mm, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm & 85mm
Technical Specifications
18mm FD-X
Lens 18mm FD-X
Aperture T1.6-22
Min. Marked Object Distance 10"
Length 100mm
Front Diameter 143mm
Weight 1.8kg
Image Circle LF
Mount PL
24mm FD
Lens 24mm FD
Aperture T1.5-22
Min. Marked Object Distance 12"
Length 84mm
Front Diameter 110mm
Weight 1.2kg
Image Circle LF
Mount PL
35mm FD-X
Lens 35mm FD-X
Aperture T1.5-22
Min. Marked Object Distance 12"
Length 94mm
Front Diameter 110mm
Weight 1.45kg
Image Circle LF
Mount PL
50mm FD
Lens 50mm FD
Aperture T1.3-22
Min. Marked Object Distance 17"
Length 88mm
Front Diameter 110mm
Weight 1.25kg
Image Circle LF
Mount PL
85mm FD
Lens 85mm FD
Aperture T1.3-22
Min. Marked Object Distance 2'9"
Length 90mm
Front Diameter 110mm
Weight 1.55kg
Image Circle LF
Mount PL
Lens Aperture Min. Marked Object Distance Length Front Diameter Weight Image Circle Mount
18mm FD-X T1.6-22 10" 100mm 143mm 1.8kg LF PL
24mm FD T1.5-22 12" 84mm 110mm 1.2kg LF PL
35mm FD-X T1.5-22 12" 94mm 110mm 1.45kg LF PL
50mm FD T1.3-22 17" 88mm 110mm 1.25kg LF PL
85mm FD T1.3-22 2'9" 90mm 110mm 1.55kg LF PL
Optional Accessories
LMB 4x5 3 Stage Clamp On Mattebox
ARRI/Zeiss Master Diopters +0.5, +1 & +2
ARRI CForce RF Focus Kit