True Lens Services rehoused Canon Rangefinder set offers large format vintage coverage with the set consisting of 35mm f1.5, 50mm f0.95, 85mm f1.5 & 100mm f2 that offers 1960s glass characteristics in a modern robust housing.

The Canon Rangefinder set range is based around the Canon 50mm f0.95 1960s prime lens that is often referred to as the Canon “Dream Lens” due to the unique, beautiful, dreamy character it delivers when shot wide open, at its incredible f stop of f0.95.

True Lens Services have developed a cam driven focus system alongside the chassis style lens housing that allow matte boxes and other accessories to be attached to the front of the Canon Rangefinders, without affecting focus movements. The benefit of zero backlash and image shift give accurate dual focus scales that repeat on direction and change with the cam drive system, giving wide spread and even markings throughout the distance scale.

In order to get the maximum benefit out of the base glass, True Lens Services opted to rehouse the Canon Rangefinder with the new LPL mount. This makes the Canon Rangefinders a perfect match for the ARRI LF range.

**Additional Focal Lengths to Follow in 2022**

Kits Sets Includes
TLS Canon Rangefinder 35mm-100mm 4 35mm, 50mm, 85mm & 100mm
Technical Specifications
Lens 35mm
Aperture T1.6-16
Min. Marked Object Distance 13"
Length 56mm
Front Diameter 110mm
Weight 0.85kg
Image Circle LF - 4.3k 16:9
Mount LPL
Lens 50mm
Aperture T1.1-16
Min. Marked Object Distance 16"
Length 65mm
Front Diameter 110mm
Weight 1.1kg
Image Circle LF - 4.3k 16:9
Mount LPL
Lens 85mm
Aperture T1.6-16
Min. Marked Object Distance 2'2"
Length 85mm
Front Diameter 110mm
Weight 1.5kg
Image Circle LF - 4.3k
Mount LPL
Lens 100mm
Aperture T2.1-16
Min. Marked Object Distance 2'2"
Length 110mm
Front Diameter 110mm
Weight 1.6kg
Image Circle LF - 4.3k
Mount LPL
Lens Aperture Min. Marked Object Distance Length Front Diameter Weight Image Circle Mount
35mm T1.6-16 13" 56mm 110mm 0.85kg LF - 4.3k 16:9 LPL
50mm T1.1-16 16" 65mm 110mm 1.1kg LF - 4.3k 16:9 LPL
85mm T1.6-16 2'2" 85mm 110mm 1.5kg LF - 4.3k LPL
100mm T2.1-16 2'2" 110mm 110mm 1.6kg LF - 4.3k LPL
Optional Accessories
LMB 4x5 3 Stage Clamp On Mattebox
ARRI/Zeiss Master Diopters +0.5, +1 & +2
ARRI CForce RF Focus Kit